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Exactly as Described

I am 5’6″ 145 and got a size Medium and they fit perfectly. I like these soccer training pants because they are a trim fit and not baggy. They are definitely mid-rise which makes them feel comfortable. The ankle zips make it easy to pull on over your shoes or just to make it look better so they don’t bunch up over your shoes. The inseam is about 32″ so you don’t have to worry about them looking short. The zip pockets are roomy enough to keep your phone and zip it up so you don’t lose it. You can use these for just hanging out or cool enough to go out. So versatile! These do have a mesh section just above the knee that you can’t really see in the picture and I’m not sure why that was added because these pants don’t really need an extra ventilation. Anyway, it’s not a big deal but thought I would mention it.

Great product and fits as expected. the pants bunch only a little bit around my ankles. My butt is 38in around the widest part and 35in where I typically wear midrise jeans/pants (which is where I wear these pants). These pants cannot be worn high waisted because they have a short rise. They pull down on my butt and cheap Nationals jerseys let my underwear stick out when I squat and are see-thru in this color. Because these are designed to be worn as futbol training pants neither of those things are of a concern to me because they’re supposed to be worn with a second layer underneath for when you get warmer.

What a great deal on track pants. They are comfortable, stylish and go with many different types of outfits! I love them and the best thing is this is the best price I’ve seen compared to larger sportswear retailers. Seriously they are $50 more at dicks sporting goods.If you’ve been thinking about these for awhile get yourself a pair. This is one of the best deals you’ll find on this particular pair of pants and they are very easy to workout in, sleep in, go out and about in and etc. I want another pair!

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